April 2nd: Open Session-Prospects of Inter-Korean Relations


KakaoTalk_20160403_175158312   KakaoTalk_20160403_175155658

KakaoTalk_20160403_175154664 KakaoTalk_20160403_175155205 KakaoTalk_20160402_224608164


On April 2, the GALF members had the honour of listening to Professor Moon Jung-In’s lecture on “Prospects of Inter-Korean Relationships.

Since it was an open session, there were also numerous visitors as well as former GALF members. After the lecture, we had a Homecoming day dinner with the former members. We all had a good time!


4월 2일에는 연세대학교 문정인 교수님의 강의를 듣는 시간을 가졌습니다. 오픈 세션이었기 때문에 많은 학생들과 함께 한국과 동아시아 관계 전망에 관한 많은 이야기를 들을 수 있었습니다.

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