1st of April: Trip to National Assembly + Homecoming day

On the first day of April, 2017, together with three Chinese graduate students, the members of the 8th GALF gathered in front of the National Assembly Building (국회의사당) around 3:00pm. At first, we directly went up to the 4th floor where the Main Conference Room is. Sitting inside like a representative, we got to know the basic arrangement of the 300 seats and the three main agendas of the National Assembly: 1) to make laws; 2) to calculate national budge bills and 3) to investigate national administration. And then, we moved to the Memorial Hall (헌정기념관) where we learned more about the history and achievements of the National Assembly.

After the tour, we headed off to Bronx (브롱스) near Jonggak Station for Homecoming Day. With more GALF alumni joining us, we had a nice pizza dinner and chat with each other. It was such a good experience of having a filed trip with both new and old friends of GALF and we all look forward the next opportunity to make mutual memories.

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