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– What is GALF?

Global Asia Leadership Forum (GALF) is an academic exchange multilateral organization voluntarily established by students based on the motto of “Looking at the globe through an Asian perspective”. We have two~three sessions a month on Saturday during the semesters. Programs include presentations, discussions, open lectures, and domestic joint forums with other Korean student organizations. We also co-host and participate in international forums called Asian Leadership Network with Japanese and Chinese student organizations in the summer and winter holidays. We are sponsored by East Asia Foundation and Global Asia.



– What we aim for

  •  Fostering young leaders in Asia

Members of GALF are students who are interested in international relations and current issues in Asia and want to discuss about them with people of differing opinions. Majors of members include international studies, history, business, Chinese language and literature, social sciences, etc. Although we are still in our 6th year, Graduates have gone on to seek a career in law, non-governmental organizations, the government, and companies in Korea and surrounding countries.


  • Promoting cooperation and friendship between participating students

Differing nationalities and contrasting opinions make for an interesting and intelligent discussion in the sessions, and make for a fun and quirky atmosphere in the evenings. Although our formal language is English, people are free to speak any language during the after-party.  You might find that a dinner table full of international students will be speaking Korean to describe their country’s food; in another table, Koreans and Japanese might be speaking in a mix of English and Chinese to discuss the origins of a Korean word. We also have social activities in place of sessions every two months in places such as Changdukgung, DMZ, Han river, and the War Memorial.


  • Discussing major issues within Asia among Korean, Japanese and Chinese college students

GALF fully believes in asking about It is hard to find a community where people are willing to discuss sensitive issues in East Asia, much less with their foreign counterparts. GALF offers a place for all of that and more.


– Why GALF?

First, GALF aims to facilitate the understanding of different views among Asian countries through academic exchanges and find a common understanding regarding issues in Northeast Asia. We hope that our members and those of our partner organizations may promote further cooperation between Korea, China, and Japan as they influence important political decisions in the future.

Second, GALF consists of both Korean and foreign members such as Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Finnish, French, and Bulgarian. Such diversity enriches the perspective and quality of our discussions.

Finally, we are sponsored by the East Asia Foundation, an influential organization in matters of Asia and its relation with neighboring continents. Global Asia, published by the East Asia Foundation, is used actively as study materials for sessions.


– What do we do?

  • Regular Sessions

We normally meet at a university to have a presentation and discussion about a prior chosen topic. To look at the sessions we had before, please go to Sessions.

  • Open Sessions

To give further opportunities to non-member students who are nevertheless interested in East Asian affairs, we hold monthly open sessions where guest lecturers are invited to give a talk on a specific topic. Many of these lecturers are affiliated with the East Asia Foundation, selected for their expertise in their respective field. Each guest lecture is followed by a discussion and Q&A session with the students.


  • Domestic Joint Forum

GALF co-hosts a domestic forum with several other student organizations every year. We invite three experts to lecture about the various perspectives and thoughts pertaining to an overarching topic jointly decided by the hosting organizations.

We are currently preparing for the 2018 joint forum scheduled at May. We are looking for more student organizations to share ideas and plan for the event. If you or your organization is interested in our seminar, please do not hesitate to contact us at galf.official@gmail.com.

For more information about our previous joint forums, please go to Co-hosted Forums.


  • Asian Leadership Network

GALF co-hosts the Asian Leadership Network every six months, bringing together student organizations from China, Korea, and Japan for an academic and cultural exchange. By highlighting the importance of the East Asian community, it improves the participants’ understanding of current events and actively encourages them to improve trilateral relationships. A week-long forum with an average of 50 students with diverse nationalities, it takes place in one of the three countries.

For more information about our partner organizations and previous ALNs, please go to Asian Leadership Network.


– Who are our sponsors?

  • East Asia Foundation

The East Asia Foundation is a public service foundation established upon the philosophy that economic prosperity and trust will promote peace not only on the Korean Peninsula and East Asia but also throughout the world. Its programs include networking, research and publication, and education support, the last of which GALF is sponsored by. From annually co-hosting the much acclaimed and historical Jeju Forum to holding various conferences around the world, the EAF continues to work for a future to promote a co-operative regional identity among East Asia.

For more information, please visit www.keaf.org.


  • Global Asia

Global Asia is a quarterly publication of the East Asia Foundation. Its aim is to give voice to the global dimension of what is happening in Asia. GALF makes regular use of the publication for our session materials.

For more information, please visit www.globalasia.org

global asia


– Leaflet

Please download our leaflet for more details.

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