2015, 5th GALF

Semester Date Content Topic Lecturer
2015 the first 2/16 – 3/14 Recruitment period

PR, interview

3/21 Orientation    
3/28 Session  Soft power of different countries  
4/4 Open Session Student presentation: History of US-China relations

Lecture: G2 era and Korea’s role in between

Professor Li Chun Fu

Specialist at East Asia Foundation

4/25 Field Trip Bicycle riding at Han River  
5/2 Field Trip  창덕궁  
5/9 Session Chinese History: early stages of the founding of PRC  
5/16 Open Session Lecture: Understanding Chinese Media from a Historical Viewpoint Professor Chin Sei Jeong

Ewha Women’s University

5/16 Alumni Night
5/20 – 5/22 10th Jeju Forum    
5/30 Session  Media as a method for individual expression  
  6/6 Session North Korea and Human Rights

Economic cooperation in East Asia

  7/5 Meeting Outlining activities for the second semester  
  7/26 Meeting Preparation with Politika for the 2nd joint forum  



2014, 4th GALF

Semester Date Content Topic Lecturer
2014.02  5th ALN in Kyoto
2014 the first 3/20 Recruitment period

PR, Interview

3/29 Lecture  North Korea in a humanitarian aspect Kukhan MOON

Human rights activist

4/12 Field Trip  War museum: North Korea in a historical aspect
4/26 Session Japan-Korea Relations
5/17 Lecture Japan-Korea Relations Soeya Yoshihide
5/24 Lecture Public Diplomacy
6/7 Session Public Diplomacy
6/28 Session Role of Social Media in Asia
7/12 Session Role of Social Media in Asia
2014.08  6th ALN in Jeju
   2014 the second 10/4 Orientation
10/11 Session East Asia after the 2009 Financial Crisis
11/8 Session Energy relations
11/29 GALF-OVAL Korea-UNYP Joint Forum Topic: Status quo of East Asia and the leadership role of the next generation
1. Korea in the world: Our role as the coming generation
2. East Asian conflicts and the media
3. Education as global citizens: Role of the next generation leaders
 1. 유재건,한국유네스코협회연맹 회장
2. 오태규, 한겨레신문 논설위원실장
3. 김영길, UNAI Korea 회장
12/6 Session East Asia’s FTA with the EU
12/20 Session Emerging Economies in Asia


2013, 3rd GALF

Semester Date Content Topic Lecturer
2013.2 3rd ALN in Seoul 
2013 the first 3/9 First meeting
3/13 Recruitment periodPR, interview
3/23 Workshop
3/30 Spring- 1st session  ODA (Official Development Assistance)
4/13 1st lecture ODA (Official Development Assistance) Yu-jin LEEKOICA Policy Specialist
5/4 Spring -2nd session US & South Asia
5/12 MT
5/18 Spring – 3rd session Migration
6/1 2nd Lecture US & South Asia Prof. Shashi MershaBusan University of Foreign Studies
6/22 3rd Lecture Migration Pil-kyu HWANG,Human Rights Foundation Gonggam
7/13 ALN study 1 Education Systems in the World
  7/21 ALN study 2 Presentations
2013.8  4th ALN in Beijing
   2013 the second 9/14 1st Session Orientation
9/28 2nd Session: GALF-UFFANS co-hosted Forum The Present Situation in Korea and the Future of East Asia(대한민국의 현주소와 동아시아의 미래)

  1. The Future of North Korea and the Security Dilemma
  2. Korea’s Public Diplomacy
  3. Conservative Swift in Japan
1. Prof. Chung-in MOONDepartment of Political Science and International Studies,Yonsei University2. Taehwan KIM.Director of Public Policy Department,Korea Foundation (KF)3. Prof. Cheol Hee PARKGraduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
10/5 3rd session Japan’s political relationship and policies toward its neighbors and the world
10/12 4th session Will the 21st century be China’s century?
11/2 5th session + MT North & South Korea relations
11/16 6th session + Homecoming Public diplomacy
  12/7 7th session Russia’s relations with East & West



2012, 2nd GALF

Semester Date Content Topic Lecturer
2012.2  1st ALN in Seoul
2012 the first 3/5~18 Recruitment periodPR, interview
3/24 Orientation
4/7 Session1 Foreign affairs and trade
4/28 Session1 review Foreign affairs and trade Prof. Chung-in MOONDepartment of Political Science and International Studies,Yonsei University
5/12 GALF Workshop
5/19 Session2 Unification Prof. Seungjoo BaekNorth Korean Studies,Korea University
5/26 Session 2 review Unification
6/2 Session3 Agriculture Prof. Seunggoo KwonFood Industry Studies,Dongguk University
6/23 Session 3 review Agriculture
6/30 Homecoming Day
2012.8  2nd ALN in Beijing
   2012 the second 9/15 Session4 Environment Prof. Christian ParkDepartment of Cultural AnthropologyYonsei University
9/22 Session 4 review Environment
10/13 Session5 Woman Jee-a PARKSeoul Women,Gender EqualityEducation Support Center
11/10 Session 5 review Woman
11/24 Workshop
12/8 Session6 Southeast Asia Prof. Chung-ryul LEEDepartment of Economics,Korea University
12/22 Session 6 review Southeast Asia



2011, 1st GALF

Semester Date Content Topic Lecturer
2011 the first 5/21~22 Recruitment periodPR, interview
6/4 1st Seminar
6/7 異和 Forum
6/25 1st lecture Topic : Security in East Asia Prof. Chung-in MOONDepartment of Political Science and International Studies,Yonsei University
7/12 異和 Forum
7/13 EAF seminar
7/23 2nd Lecture Topic : Power succession in North Korea Prof. Yong-Hyun KIMNorth Korean Studies,Dongguk University
8/9 異和 Forum
  8/20 3rd Seminar GALF Summer Work Shop
   2011 the second 9/3 3rd lecture Topic : Rising China: Domestic Politics and International Relations Prof. Hee-ok LEEPolitics and Diplomacy,Sungkyunkwan University
9/17 4th seminar + workshop
11/5 4th lecture Topic : Rediscovering India: A Superior Past, and Inferior Present? Prof. Ok-sun LEEYonsei University
11/12 5th lecture Topic : Pre-Modern Korea in the World Prof. Ikjoo LEEKorean Studies,University of Seoul
11/26 6th seminar   


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