President’s Message


Greetings and Welcome to Global Asia Leadership Forum.

It’s an honor to be the president of the Global Asia Leadership Forum (GALF), organization representing Korea in the Asian Leadership Network (ALN).

We are a student organization based in Seoul, composed of undergraduates and graduates with various school affiliations and nationalities, including not only Korean but also Chinese, Japanese, American and European. We are dedicated to studying significant issues relevant to East Asia and promoting positive relations among its people. East Asian issues are very complicated these days. Therefore it becomes more important and necessary to study them with various perspectives from all over the world. There is no doubt that our members have international insight and knowledge due to studying issues through GALF.

The ALN is a forum in which students studying in Korea, Japan and China gather and exchange their ideas about East Asian issues. Currently, diplomatic relations between these three countries is characterized by nationalism and hostility. Such an atmosphere is not a desirable condition to any of us, since it undermines our mutual interest and East Asia’s stance in the world. As future leaders – as policy makers, diplomats, scholars, entrepreneurs and journalists – we believe that our student-level diplomacy contributes to the long-term task of endorsing regional friendship and cooperation. The networking experience is not limited to the forum itself. The past forum would not have been successful had it not been for the constant processes of communication and cooperation among the three countries. After building international friendships during the forum, of course, we continue to communicate with other organizations in Japan and China.


Seung Eun Bae

The 8th president of GALF


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