Asian Leadership Network

– What is ALN?

Asian Leadership Network is a forum held by Global Asia Leadership Forum (GALF) of Korea, Linking East Asian Future (LEAF) of Japan, and Sino-Asian Goodwill Association (SAGA) of China twice a year. The venue is held at one of the three countries. Discussion topics are different every forum but reflect subject matters such as international relations, politics, economy, security, environment, or society. Five days of academic discussion, lectures, and intercultural exchange on- and off-campus conducted in English give the participants the opportunity to get to know students from China, Korea, Japan, and elsewhere in an academic and constructive setting. The Asian Leadership Network Forum is sponsored by Global Asia, one of the leading academic journals in Asia published by the East Asia Foundation.





Biz Japan is a Japanese General Incorporate Association/ Student Organization that was established in 2011. Biz Japan is run mainly by university students. Biz Japan aims to create new values in society. Biz Japan has two main themes: one is to organize global activities, and the other is entrepreneurship. They organize educational programs and opportunities  aimed at the next Global leaders of the world. For our specific activities, kindly refer to Project.

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– About SAGA(Students Association for Global Affairs)

SAGA is a student organization for international affairs discussion and interaction. It relies on International Relations Department of Tsinghua University and co-established by Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy.

With the help of Yan Xuetong(阎学通) and many other scholars form Carnegie-Tsinghua Center, SAGA has formed a steady and long-term cooperation and financial support plan with both the International Relations Department of THU and Carnegie-Tsinghua Center.

Except for the main activities(high quality lectures of global affairs), SAGA has also held other kinds of activities, for example, “the Mutual Understanding Forum of Chinese and American Students Leaders”, “Diplomacy Annual Meetings”, “The China-African Forum” and “The World Peace Forum.”


– List of ALNs

1st Asian Leadership Network@Seoul

  • Date: 12th February, 2012 – 16th February, 2012
  • Held by: GALF, LEAF
  • Sponsored by: East Asia Foundation
  • Venue: Yonsei University, Joongang University, Coex Mall, Presidential Council on Nation Branding
  • Topic: Shaping the Future of Northeast Asia: North Korea and United States of America
  • Participants: 31 in total
    •  16 Koreans, 12 Japanese, 1 Chinese, 1 Bulgarian, 1 Thai


2nd Asian Leadership Network@Beijing

  • Date: 19th August, 2012 – 25th August, 2012
  • Held by: LEAF, GALF
  • Sponsored by: East Asian Foundation
  • Venue: Beijing, JAL Hotel
  • Topic: A Sense of Unity as East Asian in History and Culture
  • Participants: 34 in total
    • 16 Koreans, 10 Japanese, 5 Chinese, 1 Thai, 1 Bulgarian, 1 Panamanian



3rd Asian Leadership Network@Seoul

  • Date: 17th February, 2013 – 22nd February, 2013
  • Held by: GALF, LEAF, SAGA
  • Sponsored by: East Asia Foundation
  • Venue: Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat office, East Asia Foundation, Hi Seoul Youth Hostel, Yonsei University, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Topic: Building East Asian Community: Problem Resolution Strategies
    • North Korea: Nuclear Weapons, NK Refugees, Re-unification of Korea
    • Nationalism & Media
    • Environment & Energy
    • Arms Race
    • Recognition of History based on high school history textbooks
  • Participants: 38 in total
    • 16 Koreans, 13 Japanese, 3 Chinese, 1 Malaysian, 1 Bulgarian, 2 French, 1 German, 1 Panamanian


4th Asian Leadership Network@Beijing

  • Date: 26th August, 2013 – 31st August, 2013
  • Held by: SAGA, GALF, LEAF
  • Sponsored by: East Asia Foundation
  • Venue: Renmin University
  • Topic: Investment in the Future? Challenges and Opportunities for Education in Asia in the Era of Globalization
    • From the Global Perspective: How did Education Systems in Asia in the 20th Century and 21st Century develop?
    • Graduates Today: Are we over-educated and over-qualified for the job market?
    • Public Education vs. Private Education: A new approach to more quality?
    • Formal Requirements to enter University: Time for change?
    • Language Teaching: Fluent in five languages – is this necessary or even desirable?
  • Participants: 49 in total
    • 14 Koreans, 15 Japanese, 12 Chinese, 2 Malaysian, 1 Vietnamese, 2 Panamanian, 1 German, 2 others


5th Asian Leadership Network@Kyoto

  • Date: 14th February, 2014 – 20th February, 2014
  • Held by: LEAF, GALF, SAGA
  • Sponsored by: East Asia Foundation, Asia Research Fund, Japan Foundation, Sojitz Foundation, Mitsubishi UFJ Foundation, VeriServe Corporation, Mynavi Corporation
  • Venue: Kyoto Kyoiku Bunka Centre
  • Topic: Diplomacy and Tourism
    • The Challenge of Cooperation and Security: The Issue and Tentative Solutions of North Korean Missile Program
    • The Northeast Asian Cultural Exchange: The Exploration of the Methodology of Cultural Cooperation and Exchange Programs
  • Participants: 33 in total
    • 9 Koreans, 14 Japanese, 5 Chinese, 1 Malaysian, 1 Finnish


6th Asian Leadership Network@Jeju

  • Date: 17th August, 2014 – 24th August, 2014
  • Held by: GALF, LEAF, SAGA
  • Sponsored by: East Asia Foundation
  • Venue: Jeju Peace Institute, Jeju National University
  • Topic: Culture&Society, Diplomacy, Sustainable Development, History
  • Participants: 30 in total
    • 14 Koreans, 11 Chinese, 3 Japanese, 1 Finnish

7th Asian Leadership Network@Beijing

  • Date: 18th January, 2016 – 22nd January, 2016
  • Held by: GALF, SAGA, JSATU
  • Sponsored by: East Asia Foundation, Tsinghua University, Asia Research Fund
  • Venue: Tsinghua University
  • Topic: Future of Northeast Asian cooperation
    • Security: North Korea’s nuclear issue and the perspectives of surrounding countries
    • Culture: Commonalities and differences in Confucianism of the three countries
    • Economics: China-Korea FTA and lessons for the China-Korea-Japan FTA
    • Politics: Rise of nationalism and its solutions
  • Participants: 22 in total
    • 8 Koreans, 10 Chinese, 3 Japanese, 1 American
  • For more information about the 7th ALN, please visit Looking at the 7th ALN.

8th Asian Leadership Network@Tokyo

  • Date: 2nd August, 2016 – 6th August, 2016
  • Held by: GALF, SAGA, Biz Japan
  • Sponsored by: East Asia Foundation, Tsinghua University, Asia Research Fund
  • Venue: Tokyo, Takadanobaba area
  • Topic: Future of Northeast Asian cooperation
    • Security
    • Culture
    • Economics
  • Participants: 24 in total
    • 10 Koreans, 5 Chinese, 8 Japanese, 1 American