Trilateral Youth Camp


GALF will continue to participate in the Trilateral Youth Camp hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to boost exchange between Korean, Japanese, and Chinese students in Korea.


The First Trilateral Youth Camp, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1. Date: 2013/8/14-16

2. Venue: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Seoul), Busan Youth Hostel (Busan), Commodore Hotel (Gyeongju)

3. Topic:

  • Discussion for Improved Korean-Chinese-Japanese Relations

    • Drafted a joint statement by Korean, Chinese, and Japanese students

4. Lecturers:

  • Sangguk HAN (Head of Northeast Asia Cooperation Team, Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  • Busan City Hall personnel

  • Chinese and Japanese ministries of foreign affairs staff

5. Participants: 59 total

  • 6 GALF members
  • 2 GALF members, Go-eun Park and Sookyung Cho received honorary awards on the presentation on “A Direction of Future Cooperation in East Asia: Energy and Environment”.
Name Affiliation
Wontae CHOI (Vice president) Politics and Diplomacy, Sungkyunkwan University
Go-eun PARK (Former vice president) Master’s Degree Program in International Relations, Peking University
Sookyung CHO (Former treasurer) Division of International Studies, Korea University
Ransetsu SAWAI Political Science and International Studies, Yonsei University
Faye SU Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
Sian KWON English Language and Literature, Tsinghua University

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